• Don Jess, songwriter and multi - instrumentalist,

    born in San Severo, is an artist who bridges many musical styles.

    Don Jess is a very popular composer and record producer having worked with ThePMS, CatsNdogs, la gatta la volpe e il lupo mannaro and Gustav Hauser Group, Le frecce divine.


    Don Jess has co-written a lot of music.

  • Le frecce divine

    La ballata della scema

    1967 - 1967

    lifespan is short

    Papà staengh facenn u' bbluss


    lifespan is short

    Jambo Brera Don Jess


    lifespan is short

  • witty playful musical group

  • THepms (supergroup highly professional)

    Anime Morte - rock opera

    Anime Morte

    Anime Morte

    Anime Morte


  • Don Jess & Gustav Hauser Group

    Gustav Hauser Group

    Gustav Hauser Group (by Don Jess)